Story Introduction

The end of the new wave of Taiwanese movies in 1995. 8-year-old Aguo, a rich family from a film family, met A Feng from a rogue family in elementary school. Two grass-rooted teenagers loved racing and promised to be a filmmaker. After the fall of the Taiwanese film, Ah Guo’s father failed to invest in the film and went bankrupt. The difficulties in life and the gap in affluence make Aguoma depressed, hate dad, resist movie dreams, and rebelliously want to accomplish some big things and clear the haze.

The young and frivolous Arab countries and Afeng started selling along the street after they dropped out. They grew up in car trading and road racing, and achieved little success. Later, A Guo knew Xiao Qiao, a quiet and beautiful woman who worked in a bank. After A Feng knew the single pepper chili doll, her relationship stabilized. Suddenly, A Guo Da, a movie tycoon, died of a stroke! Seeing the sun symbol from his dad’s script, Ah Guo realized that his mission in this life was to be a person around the sun, and he finally knew that his father had never forgotten the movie dream, so Ah Guo decided to fulfill his dream for dad. He decided to complete his dream of creating many movies that moved the world.

Major producer

Leading team

Producer/Director Sun Guoqin

Three generations of film family / film producer / cutting-edge director

Director of Taipei Film Business Association
2013 Producer and Producer of "Team Array"
2012 "Head" Producer, Producer
2011 Producer of "Chicken Chop Hero"
2010 Producer of "When Love Comes"
Four Golden Horse Awards

Producer / Producer Lin Shengguo

Billions of senior film producers

2015 "Breaking Wind" Production 770 million box office
2015 "Girlfriends" Production 800 million box office
2013 "Zodiac signs" Produced 3.76 billion box office
2013 "Ambition" Producer 40 million box office
2011 "New Born Pair" Producer 280 Million Box Office

Co-producer Dr. Xiaoming Wu

Senior Advertiser/Beijing National Taiwan University Alumni President

Effie Awards Executive Vice Chairman of Greater China
President of the Hu Xiao Award Jury
Super IP Ecology Conference Review Chair
Huayi Jiaxin (300071) Co-President
Vice President of BITA
Xuanya International (300612) Chief Strategy Officer
General Manager of Beijing Ogilvy Mobile Marketing
General Manager of Xinyi Interactive Advertising Company

The lack of possession of A Guo and A Feng paid a visit to A Guo's father and friend Yu Zong and entered the film industry. However, due to his light attitude, Yu Zong had many difficulties for A Guo, and also ignited A Guo's business spirit with A Feng to raise funds By the time I went to the film, I went through all the obstacles, broke through the total difficulty of Yu, and created several movie works. Xiao Qiao and Doll were also moved by the enthusiasm of A Guo and A Feng, and the four young people supported each other along the way. Ah Guo’s mentor Yu, who died prematurely because of cancer, made him very sad!
As the country wanted to speed up the development of the first film, the film was sold again, and the country was in full swing. It wanted to follow the example of his father's victory. He wanted to greatly expand the launch of the listing plan and start shooting multiple movies at the same time. Later, the box office was in poor financial situation. A dilemma. The country that has nowhere to go has finally realized the mood of the father of the country who failed that year, and has tried to find a chance to survive in order to live everywhere, and tried to start many movies and failed! Can A Guo and A Feng finally reverse the haze of the failure of the movie dream? Can you live such a twisty day with Xiao Qiao and Doll?

Major producer

Leading team

Director of Photography Qin Dingchang

Senior cinematographer

2014 "Dadaocheng" Photography Director 140 million box office
2011 "Chicken Chop Heroes" photography guide 140 million box office
2011 "Sedi Kebalai" photography guide 850 million box office
Golden Horse Award Finalist Best Photography
2008 "Cape No. 7" photography guide 530 million box office
Taipei Film Awards Best Photography
Golden Horse Award Finalist Best Photography

Executive Director Zhang Xunwei

Local new generation director

2018 "Blue Collar" Director
2013 "Aspiration" Executive Director
2012 "Treasure Island Twins" Director

Music Director Yang Zhenhua

Orient Express guitarist/music producer

1989-1994 "Orient Express" guitarist
Million sales of six albums
1990 Golden Melody Award for Best Singing Group Award
1995-2002 Zhang Xinzhe / Zhao Chuan / Qi Qin / Ren Xianqi tour concert guitarist
Music singles, X BOX/online games
Arranger/Music Producer

Official listing (stock code 7472)
Log in to the cabinet board as a pioneer in the film and television industry

The over-the-counter company officially took a share of 25 yuan per share, sublimating Entertainment and successfully entered the counter as a film and television pioneer (stock code 4806).

The services we provide in this world are

Grand Vision International Entertainment Media Corp., adhering to the spirit of its family's local film creation. Under the leadership of Tu Ming, the former managing director of American Business 20th Century Flowserve Corporation, he developed the local movie series "Taiwan·People·Love", taking small people's dream as the main axis, developing Chinese pop culture, and actively moving towards the capital market .

The founder, Sun Guoqin, conveys the concept of small people with passion, sincerity, and love to pursue dreams through film and television culture, giving the world a positive energy full of love and care, and creating a culture that is popular in the world.

IP Diversified Development

Training enrollment

Transfer positive energy


brand cooperation

Keith International Entertainment Media Co., Ltd.

Works over the years

Member of the board

Ji Shi International Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. (stock code: 7472) has a total of five directors and one supervisor, with the founder Sun Guoqin as chairman


Sun Guoqin

Incumbent: General Manager of Keith International Entertainment Media Experience: Lecturer of Film and Television, Asia University, Director of Taipei Film Business Association Representative work: 2010 [When Love Comes] Producer 2011 [Chicken Chop Hero] Producer 2012 [Head] Producer/ Producer 2013 [Amused ㄟ] Producer/Producer


Chen Junzhe

Current position: Consultant of the Taipei Film Merchants Association. Consultant to the Professional Trade Union of Film and Drama Industry in Taipei City. Experience: Director of the Film Business Division of the Press Bureau of the Executive Yuan Director of the National Film Archive Director of the National Film Archive Soochow University/Taiyi University Part-time lecturer


He Jieshun

Current position: Daiyu International (listed) China Chief Strategy Officer Experience: General Manager of Taiwan's George Jason Liuli Gongfang Taiwan General Manager Daiyu International (Shares) Corporate Strategy Director European Business Association Board of Directors National Taiwan University EMBA Foundation Business and Industry Research and Development Institute 28 Fraternity chief executive


Zhong Kaixun

Current position: Ancheng Law Office (Xinyi) Attorney Experience: Lecturer at the Law Department of Soochow University Taiwan International Patent Law Office Lawyer Rooted Law Office Lawyer


Wang Tingkun

Current: Chairman/General Manager of Sanhuang Biotechnology Executive Supervisor/Director of Taiwan Marathon Association Experience: Vice Chairman of Shunbao International Co., Ltd. Strategy Chief of the 28th China Industrial and Commercial Construction Research Association

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Helianshuo Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based enterprise with the electronics industry as its core business. Its predecessor was Lianshuo Optoelectronics, which changed its current name in August 2009. The company's stock was listed on the counter in 2011; it was listed on May 24, 2019. Products: LCD TV; air conditioner; cloud smart appliances; kitchen appliances

Wolian Home Appliances


Taishin International Commercial Bank, referred to as "Taishin Bank", "Taishin Commercial Bank" or "Taishin Bank", "TSBank", "TSIB", is one of the commercial banks in Taiwan and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taishin Financial Holdings the company. In total, there are four business departments including the head office sales department, trust department, foreign countries, and OBU.



Daiyu International is an active and innovative enterprise. Founded as a trading company in Taipei in 1990, it not only expanded the international sports brand channel, but also established a solid cooperative relationship with local manufacturers. In the early 1990s, Taiwan quickly developed into a major manufacturing town, and export sports equipment accounted for more than 30% of the US market.

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